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who do you call about cat neglect?

Duncan's right - Whassername is a Big Meanie. She's been horribly neglectful and it doesn't do much real good when she apologizes all over the place later, does it now?

Yesterday, she ran out in the morning and the food dishes were almost empty - just crumbs left, I swear! Then, she failed to come home on time, and it was almost 10:00 before she came in the door so I could trip her and yell at her for starving us.

This morning, she failed to check the water dish in the bathroom, and it was EMPTY! There was no water in that dish. I don't care what she says, the water in the kitchen is inferior, it just tastes funny. So, when she came home I had to trip her and yell at her again.

I admit, that's really a lot of fun, but she needs to take better care of me us, don't you think?

On the other hand, I hear she gave us a paid LJ account, which is really pretty nice of her. That means we get bunches of icons, and I don't have to share them all with dumb Duncan. I'll be contemplating my options, because I want to showcase my intelligent and sensitive side.
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