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Esme is acting weird - she's running back and forth from the bedroom to the balcony, just racing for no reason. maybe the fresh air drove her crazy (wouldn't be a far trip).

Big Meanie hasn't been keeping her normal sleep schedule, which means mine got all screwed up too. not that i don't sleep, but i'm used to cuddling up to all that body heat. i can't tell if she opened the balcony door because the place was hot, or if she's trying to stay awake. it's nice to get fresh air, but it isn't very warm out.

she keeps shutting the little flat computer when she's done with it, and i always have trouble opening it, so posting can't happen as often as i'd like. i wish she'd get around to fixing the big one, cause that's so easy to use.

there's a box on the counter for us, but so far she's only taunted us about it - i don't know why she won't open it and share (or at least put it on the floor so we can shred the cardboard to get in ourselves). not that many people send mail to us, so i don't know who sent it, but i'm really curious.

hey! she's lying down again - i'm going to nap with her now
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