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welcome to the world

Esme here
all the cool cats are doing it, so we thought we'd climb on that bandwagon and check out livejournal.

hi, we're Duncan and Esme, littermates and still very close after 11 years (except for the fighting, but show me siblings who don't fight, and I'll show you some unnatural freaks).

we live with Whassername, a computer-crazed woman who spends far too much time obsessing over silly dancing boys - the tapes, magazines and assorted toys consume far too much of her time, attention and money - all of which are better spent on us.

I'm predicting that I'll update more often than Duncan, as Whassername frequently calls him an amiable goof and a cat of very little brain. He'll probably forget we created this journal within the week. I'm looking forward to a safe place to vent about him and Whassername - possibly I'll even find a few friends out there.
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