a tale of two fat cats (duncanesme) wrote,
a tale of two fat cats

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best entertainment ever!


It's really quite fun to watch Duncan get himself into trouble - happens all the time, and is the best free entertainment on the planet.

A couple days ago Whassername had food delivered. Big round greasy nummy-smelling peeza (?) which she wouldn't share. She is a slob, and ate on the couch. Being a slob, she left that big squashy roll of soft paper behind on the couch, and after a day or so it "accidentally" ended up on the floor, where Duncan discovered it.

He likes to rip and tear things, and this was exactly the right size and shape to really hug and kick at - there are paper shreds all over the carpet, some of them quite small. I can't wait until she comes home and discovers the mess. I plan to be somewhere out of sight, so she doesn't associate it with me.
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