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she really is a Big Meanie

Whassername is in the other room watching some David make stupid jokes. Duncan is in there too - he's been making all sorts of pathetic, needy noises lately. He circles around and around and whines for attention. I wish he'd just shut up - it's not appealing behavior in a grown kitty.

Ha! I just heard her say to him "Come on, dummy. Hop up on the couch, you big idiot." I *knew* she didn't like him as much as me, and that she shares my opinion of his brain power.

For some reason she's been around a lot more than "normal" - I think she had an extra day off work or something, and she didn't leave the house, which meant my chance for fun and games was limited. I hate when she plays hermit, because it cuts into my enjoyment and opportunities to surf the net.

I'm still working on obtaining some new and wonderful icons. There are lots of nice cat-related sites online - I think I shall see if I can find any nice kitty-porn pictures. Everyone needs a hobby, and Whassername is always talking about smut, so I think I should check some out too. She'll be going to bed soon, so it should be safe.
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